Exkursion August 2021 Berlin

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As part of the research field Copy+Paste and the research field Light and Space at Hans Scharoun, a field trip toe Berlin with 14 students took place in August 2021.

The two-day introductory excursion program included the following topics on the agenda:

  •     Joint visit to the exhibition "Anything Goes" at the Berlinische Galerie.
  •     Visit to the Hufeisensiedlung
  •     Walk along the Karl-Marx-Allee
  •     Walk to Berlin Mitte and along the Kupfergraben (Bauakademie, Friedrichswerdersche Kirche, Marienkirche, Altes Museum, Zeughaus, Schloss, Koolhaas Lindenstraße)
  •     Visit to the Philharmonic Hall
  •     Visit to the State Library

After the visits, the group was divided.
The seminar participants from the research field Light and Space with Hans Scharoun started a detailed survey of the State Library and the Philharmonic Hall in small groups.

The seminar participants from the research field Copy+Paste worked in small groups on the film documentation and staging of three project areas with a self-selected thematic focus (Hufeisensiedlung, Kupfergrabenlandschaft and Karl-Marx Allee). The films will be exhibited on the intranet of the architecture faculty.

The excursion took place in cooperation with Thomas Michael Krüger from Ticket B.