Aachen / 03. - 05.10.19

  Group photo in the White Hall of the Aachen City Hall © LFG Denkmalpflege

Preservation: Actors - Interests - Utopias

Concepts, research and fields of action in the field of cultural heritage encompass the activities of numerous actors. New themes, conditions and initiatives come into focus. In addition to the established national and international institutions, foundations, associations and universities, numerous other interest groups with a wide range of motivations are now involved. These include local civil society formations and international organisations as well as economically or politically oriented alliances. The debate on cultural heritage is increasingly multidisciplinary.

These developments change discourses and processes or collide in a direct way with the past. The preservation of the architectural heritage - whether as a single object or a spatial ensemble - is at the centre of everyone's interests, motives and utopias. But how is this supposedly so clear concept and field of action actually understood in the new plurality of cultural heritage advocates? What interests and utopias do the views and practices of the preservation of cultural heritage reflect? Which interfaces and conflict potentials can be identified?


  • Preservation: Monument, single monument
  • Preservation: City, Ensemble, Site monument


  • Which interests and goals, which motivations and utopias are represented by the various actors with a view to preserving architectural contexts?
  • Which views of preservation can be identified theoretically or practically?
  • What overlaps and synergies, but also fundamental conflicts and oppositions, are emerging in this respect?
  • Are there 'introduced' preservation strategies and where do they reach their limits?
  • What new expectations or needs are there and what should new negotiation models look like?

The focus is on the description and analysis of changes that affect tested practice-oriented negotiation processes, require new networking strategies or influence the understanding of what is meant by preservation. Also in demand are examples of new, perhaps unusual fields of preservation, for actors who also step onto the scene outside the classical fields of action of monument conservation.


3rd to 5th October 2019 in Aachen