2018 to 2020 Maya – Textile Roofs

  Sources and a virtual reconstruction of the textile Maya roofs Copyright: © Pieper/ Campoverde

Architecture and Construction of Textile Roofs in Mayan Masonry

Numerous image and written sources along with findings in the existing structures prove that Mayan chambers and terraced palaces had light, temporary textile extensions. Evidence of this practice are found in all parts of the Mayan culture.

Content of the Research

As part of the research project, it is proposed to meticulously document and investigate the historical traces, both on site as well as in comprehensive archives. These investigations are intended to serve as the basis for a digital 3D reconstruction of the temporary structures, which will then be examined in structural models for their static and constructive properties and material technology.

Goal of the Research

The project will examine both the expert and aesthetic implications of the light textile additions to Mayan architecture. Furthermore, the project aims to contribute to the scientific discourse on the history and use of the Mayan chamber palaces and their suitability for residential purposes.


Team and Funding

apl.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Gerhardt

Dipl.-Ing. Alejandro Campoverde

Prof. Dr. Christian Raabe

Prof. Dr. Jan Pieper

Funding: DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft