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In the course of the increasingly important but also existential topic of sustainable building, architects are increasingly faced with great challenges. A sensible and forward-looking approach to our existing buildings offers great potential in the course of sustainable further development.
Thoughtful and forward-looking planning in existing buildings is always preceded by extensive building documentation. The better a building structure is known, the more specifically, carefully and economically it can be planned.

In an interdisciplinary course led by Marc Wietheger (Department of Historic Preservation) and Oliver Schulz (Department of Design
Computation), we will address the question of what potential lies in the recording of existing structures and building documentation and how these can be digitally processed.
In order to be able to represent as wide a range as possible of the various possible construction tasks in the existing building stock, we will devote ourselves in detail to the Granus Tower of the Aachen City Hall, as well as the office building Theaterstraße 92 from the 1970s.
On both examples, from the listed historical area as well as from the more recent history, we will examine and work out the object-specific challenges in detail.

The various common but also state-of-the-art building surveying methods, such as tachymetry, 3D laser scanning, structure from motion, etc., will be applied and the extent to which the data obtained can be further processed into digital, exchangeable building documentation in the form of plans, BIM models or even an app with virtually accessible 3D models will be tested.

The results of the course will be exhibited in Aachen during the first two weeks of September as part of the 'Zukunft Bau PopUp Campus', which is taking place this year in Aachen.


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Marc Wietheger
Oliver Schulz

Das Projekt findet im Rahmen des Zukunft Bau Pop Up Campus statt.