Stegreif: Thesis Exposé

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Students that want to complete their master's thesis in a building conservation context can further develop their project idea for M3-thesis work in collaboration with the staff members of the department.

Project ideas for a master’s thesis must first be submitted by mail to to the department.

Those students whose project ideas have been accepted will then prepare a thesis exposé. The aim of this is the development of a task as well as the elaboration of important factors for the respective topic. Participation in the Thesis Exposé is a prerequisite for a master's thesis at the Department for Historic Building Conservation and Research.


Stegreif Exposé
M.Sc. Architecture


End of May (for the master thesis in the following winter semester)
End of November (for Master thesis in the following summer semester)


Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Raabe
Architekt Hendrik Reinhold M.Sc.
Architektin Stefanie Kerner M.Sc.