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The project deals with the Aachen housing estate -In den Heimgärten-, which is exemplary for the housing stock of the twenties in Germany. This type of housing estate with modest floor plan sizes and a self-sufficient garden, which was built in a very short time and extremely cheaply between the wars due to the housing shortage, is generally listed and is subject to massive pressure to change in terms of energy deficiencies and also adaptation to contemporary housing needs. Using the example of the component dormer concrete variants suitable for listed buildings are to be planned through and the corresponding details are to be presented as demonstrators with the results of the investigation within the framework of the Pop-Up Campus.


1. research on the settlement and comparable typologies
2. archival work (building plans) and detailed survey of an attic of the settlement (block event April or May)
3. cooperative development of restoration strategies
4. model realization of one or two different possibilities in the area of dormer windows (block event August)


by arrangement

Due to the involvement in a current research project, the number of participating students is limited to 5.


Stefanie Kerner M.Sc.
Prof. Christian Raabe


Denkmalpflege der Stadt Aachen
Hochschule Koblenz

The project will be part of the Zukunft Bau Pop Up Campus.