Elective: clay constuction workshop in Kommern

  Students working with clay © DHB  

The Rhenish Open Air Museum in Kommern, about 40 km south of Düren, houses buildings and farmsteads from the Eifel, Westerwald, Lower Rhine and Bergisches Land. In order to preserve the buildings, damaged frames are rebuilt with clay using the traditional construction method: hazel rods are woven around oak beams and then covered with clay; finally, the surfaces are compacted. The practical handling of historic building fabric and historic building methods is interesting for architects as well as for preservationists. Architecture students perform the work under the guidance of the Museum's carpenters and masons.


Scope: Two times 5 days
Monday 24 to Friday 28 July and Monday 31 July to Friday 4 August 2023. Accommodation will be provided at the open-air museum.

Places are allocated via the faculty's central registration process in RWTH online. Place acceptance of the allocated places until 03.04.2023 via email to .

Deliverable: documentation of work and results with text, drawings and photos as a requirement for grade.
Address and address:
LVR- Open Air Museum Kommern
On the Kahlenbush
53894 Mechernich-Kommern/Rhineland
Tel: 02443-99800


Wahlfach B.Sc. alle Semester
Number of participants: 20 persons


Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Raabe
Frauke Zahl M.Sc.