Lectures: An Introduction to the Care and Preservation of Monuments (KuHG2)

  Lecture Intro - Dekontamination Copyright: © Christian Raabe  

The lecture conveys the basics of monument preservation. The historical development of the concept of monuments is presented in the context of the accompanying theoretical legitimation up to the legal anchoring and institutionalisation. The vocabulary and methods of monument preservation and building research are introduced.

Finally, examples from the field of practical monument preservation illustrate different questions and concepts. The handling of materials, construction and technical equipment is analysed up to the concrete execution, as are the special features of cost calculation, financing and tendering as well as construction and project management.


History and Theory I, GuT 1
Compulsory course
M.Sc. Architecture

Attendance of the lecture is compulsory in the Master's programme.
In the lecture, all students are recommended to attend the seminars of the teaching and research area of monument preservation.


Tuesdays from 16:30-18:00
Dates weekly from 18.10.2022
Room H5 in the C.A.R.L.