Sustainability in Historical Architecture and Urban Design (Eng.)

  Windtürme in Yasd / Iran © senalobo: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0  

What we can learn from historical architecture in Iran

This course, led by Dr. Mina Hajian, seeks to study sustainable design methods in historical buildings and contexts and will conclude with suggestions for sustainable design.

Climate change and the energy crisis in the world are increasingly driving the need for sustainable design.

Making use of past experiences in the way we have dealt with environmental problems due to the lack of access to active methods of providing thermal comfort will allow us to find passive solutions to climate problems.

Iran's rich architectural heritage and multiple climates make it an ideal place to study various sustainable design solutions. Historically, the inhabitants of these regions used different design methods due to the simultaneous existence of cold and hot regions as well as dry and humid climates in this wide area.



Research Field
M.Sc. Architektur
M.Sc. Stadtplanung
M.Sc. Transforming City Regions
M.Sc. Construction and Robotics


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Thursdays at 10:00

in the Department of Conservation and Historic Building Research


Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Raabe
Dr. Mina Hajian