KuHG III I see something you don't see ... and that's super!

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In the course of the seminar we will analyze outstanding, but perhaps also not so well-known buildings. It is not about "classical" building descriptions, but about grasping the architecture with the eye of a director:

How does the circulation work, how is the lighting, how are the surfaces, colors, etc. and how is everything composed with each other. And above all: What can I learn from this for my design work?

From this analysis, descriptions are created that accentuate those aspects of the architecture and principles of interior design that you personally find noteworthy.

The descriptions are then anonymized, meaning that there is no inference to the author or the building being talked about!

Subsequently, everyone receives such a text and tries to translate the abstract description of a particular building into a model.

Outputs: Building description + model.


- Introduction and output of the objects
- Individual supervision for the building description
- Presentation of the results
- Model building with individual consultations
- Final presentation / possibly exhibition


B.Sc. Architektur


Supervision dates expected to be Wednesday mornings, but also not every week. Start date mid-October.

Places are allocated via the central faculty registration procedure in RWTH online. Place acceptance of the allocated places until 07.10.2023 via email to kerner@denkmalpflege.rwth-aachen.de.


Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Raabe
Frauke Zahl M.Sc.