Courses Summer Semester 2021



Photo: Decontamination Copyright: © Christian Raabe

An Introduction to the Care and Preservation of Monuments

Cultural and Historical Foundations II
B.Sc. 4th semester



Building Survey

Picture of a building survey. Copyright: © Hendrik Reinhold

Building Survey II

Cultural and Historical Foundations III
B.Sc. 5th and 6th semesters according to the examination regulations of 2011
or 3rd and 4th semesters according to the examination regulations of 2019



Field of Research

Schoolbuilding by Hans Scharoun Copyright: © Hendrik Reinhold

Light and Space by Hans Scharoun

Field of Research
M.Sc. all semesters




Picture of a 60's façade in Liège. Copyright: © Stefanie Kerner


M.Sc. all semesters

Participants will exercise reading and describing architectural elements during field trips. Buildings from different epochs will be visited and examined. more...

  Sketch spiral in rectangle. Copyright: © DHB

Thesis Exposé

M.Sc. 3rd semester

Students that want to complete their master's thesis in a building conservation context can further develop their project idea for M3-thesis work in collaboration with the staff members of the department. more...



ICOMOS Competition Copyright: © ICOMOS


M1 High Rise Buildings
M.Sc. all semesters

The ICOMOS Student Competition 2021 is dedicated to the heritage of Brutalism of the pre-turnaround period. The aim of the competition is not only to admonish that the buildings of thebBrutalist buildings must be preserved, but to explain precisely what makes them worth preserving.more...

  Interior Copyright: © DHB

Master's Thesis

M3 Master’s Thesis - free topic
M.Sc. 4th semester

At the Department for Historic Building Conservation and Research students have the possibility of choosing their own project as their master’s thesis. A prerequisite for this is the participation in the Stegreif Thesis-Exposé. more...