Courses Winter Semester 2022/23



Copyright: © Christian Raabe

An Introduction to the Care and Preservation of Monuments

Cultural and Historical Foundations II
B.Sc. 4th semester



Building Survey

Building Survey Copyright: © Hendrik Reinhold

Building Survey I

Cultural and Historical Foundations III
B.Sc. 5th and 6th semesters according to the examination regulations of 2011 or 3rd and 4th semesters according to the examination regulations of 2019

Precise observation, systematic documentation and scientific analysis provide participants with a detailed understanding of the design, construction, development and spatial character of a building. more...


Fields of Research

Lighting Copyright: © Sandra Lorenz

Light and Space
M.Sc. all semesters

The aim of the seminar is to sharpen the perception of light in space and to understand what qualities light contributes to architecture. We visit several conceptually inspiring modernist buildings.

  Bazar Copyright: © Raabe

Sustainability in Historical Architecture (Eng.)
M.Sc. all semesters

Climate change and the energy crisis in the world are increasingly driving the need for sustainable design.
Making use of past experiences in the way we have dealt with environmental problems due to the lack of access to active methods of providing thermal comfort will allow us to find passive solutions to climate problems.



Container Copyright: © Frauke Zahl

Serial building in the post-war era
B.Sc. from the 4th semester

The seminar deals with the background that led to the development of serial building and analyses the post-war buildings exhibited in the museum in this context.

  Old building Copyright: © Raabe

Game and heritage
B.Sc. from the 4th semester

In this seminar we would like to develop a concept and a structure for a toolkit and a serious game for the planning process in existing buildings. more...



60ies architecture in Liège Copyright: © Stefanie Kerner

M.Sc. all semesters

Participants will exercise reading and describing architectural elements during field trips. Buildings from different epochs will be visited and examined.

  Spiral in rectangle Copyright: © DHB

Thesis Exposé
M.Sc. 3rd semester

Students that want to complete their master's thesis in a building conservation context can further develop their project idea for M3-thesis work in collaboration with the staff members of the department. more...


Elective Modules

Aachen Cathedral Copyright: © DHB

Aachen Cathedral

Elective Course
B.Sc. und M.Sc. all semesters

Being the first building in Germany to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a distinction that demonstrates the exceptional historical and architectural status of this structure and simultaneously obligates very sensitive handling of its substance. more...



Space Copyright: © Sławomir Milejski

M1 Project

Lost places: castle Ober Stradam
M.Sc. 1./2./3. Semester


  Space Copyright: © DHB

Master Thesis

M3 Structural Engineering
M.Sc. 4. Semester